Aims and Objectives

  • To promote a warm and caring environment.
  • To promote learning through play.
  • To meet the individual needs of each child and allow them the opportunity to develop to their full potential.
  • Working in partnership with parents, carers and outside individuals.
  • To follow and work within the suggested frame work set by Ofsted, covering the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.
  • To provide and maintain a safe, stimulating environment and offer opportunities for many new and varied experiences.
  • To put policies and procedures into practice.
  • To include everyone – staff, children, and parents into all aspects of nursery life.
  • To incorporate a range of cultures, festivals and celebrations into the curriculum.
  • To visit parents/carers and children in their own homes and discuss details on the nursery prior to starting.


At Kiddies Corner we are devoted to providing the best possible nursery experience for every child. Our staff, under the guidance of the EYFS framework will support your child’s learning, development and welfare. Each unique child will become an effective and motivated learner by playing and exploring, creating and thinking critically and being an active learner.

There are three prime areas which develop quickly with guidance and support:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical Development

These areas are fundamental and support development in all other areas, known as specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and design

These areas assist staff in observing, planning & assessing the needs & development of each individual child. Through careful planning & monitoring as well as the key person system in place, your child will have every opportunity to grow & learn at their individual pace, allowing them the chance to develop to their full potential.


As part of these observations and conversations with children and families, staff begin to build up a picture of children’s preferred learning styles and patterns of play and exploration (otherwise known as schema)

Polocies and Procedures

All of our policies & procedures can be found in our folder which can be viewed on request at any time. They are designed so that children, families, staff and other individuals are protected and have their needs met, all parties are expected to adhere to these policies for the benefit of all concerned.

These are just some of our policies:

Behaviour Manangement

Equality and Inclusion

Lost and Uncollected Children

Sick Child

Staff Conduct

Complaints and Grievence

Child Protection

Health and Safety

Healthy Eating

Accident and Emergency

Fire Drill

Care, Learning and Development

Ofsted Reports

Both our day care and pre-school are inspected by Ofsted on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on our quality of care and learning, and this is reflected in our strong and consistent Ofsted ratings.

Day care Ofsted report

Our day care has been rated as Good, with the inspector noting our strong partnerships with parents and our ability to build children’s confidence and sense of belonging. They also noted our skills in teach mathematics, helping children to recognise numbers and use them within play activities.

View the day care report

Pre-school Ofsted report

Our pre-school has been rated as Outstanding, with the inspector noting that teaching is of a consistently high quality, and children make outstanding progress in their communication and language development. Staff were also praised for their strong safeguarding skills and excellent knowledge of how children learn and they recognise each child’s needs.

 View the pre-school report